Notes from Certified Massage Therapist Michael Dean Ballard #15362

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* Remember this fact: the world over, the people who get the most massages usualy settle on a male therapist for thier regular massage.
* Remember that Michael is availiable from West O.C. to West L.A. for portable chair and table massage and Joanne does portable table massage in West L.A.
* Michael's little massage home is in the heart of Orange County where all the freeways meet. There's not a new receptionist every three weeks and the massage therapy (and facials) are the hardest working careing people. The sauna's are awesome. Using real hydrocollator heat packs on the massage table and cold essential oil towels for the saunas. Our couples massage room gets booked a lot. Overall nice people, clean, safe/close/free/easy parking easy to find. Ask for number if you'll be close by.

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Rates and Services:
(travel charges may apply)

60 minute massage $150

75 minute massage $175
90 minute massage $195
120 minute massage $265

Couple's and Four Handed X2

Swedish: A pure relaxing and stress relieving massage using long flowing strokes. The pressure can range from light to firm promoting increased circulation and a feeling of well-being.

Deep Tissue:  A massage for those with chronic and reccurring muscle tightness.  This massage penetrates deep into the muscles to help alleviate pain and releases stubborn trigger points. Stretches are also implemented where necessary.

Couple's Massage:  Joanne and Michael will perform the massage of your choice in the comfort and serenity of your own home. A truly romantic experience!

4 Handed Massage:  Joanne and Michael will be working on you simultaneously to bring the extra bonus of having two massages in one.  A complete harmony of the senses!

Joanne   323.839.8891

Michael  310.886.9109 or 424 226 6907  Many thanks to Mike Davis for design! Webmaster Michael Dean Ballard. Copyright 2007-2014